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Wood Sander

Wood Sander is divided into three types: drum type, belt type and disc type.
Roller type wood sanding machine Roller sanding wood with winding abrasive cloth (paper), there are two types of single roll type and multi roll type. In addition to the rotation, the drum can also be axially reciprocated to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece. The single-roller sander is mostly fed manually, and the multi-roller workpiece is fed by the press roll and the upper and lower feed rolls or the conveyor belt. This type of sander is suitable for sanding surfaces such as sheet metal plywood, plywood, particle board and fiberboard.
Belt-type woodworking sander Tensioning the endless belt on two or three pulleys, driving the belt for continuous motion, and a tensioning wheel with a small amount of tilting causes the belt to move laterally. Sanders for surface machining have fixed or moving tables; sanders for surface machining use the flexibility of the belt to machine the workpiece under the pressure of the template.
The wide-band woodworking sander has the advantages of high efficiency, guaranteed machining accuracy, and easy replacement of the belt. It is suitable for sanding of large-scale wood-based panels, furniture panels and decorative panels or before and after painting.
Disc Woodworking Sander Sanding the workpiece with sandpaper (cloth) attached to the end face of the rotating disc. There are vertical and horizontal, single and double discs. The workpiece is fed manually or motorized for flat sanding and is suitable for use in the manufacturing of cars, furniture and wooden moulds.
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    It is reliable, fast, powerful, efficient, and can be used for a long time with high strength.

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