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Woodworking's mainframe includes bed, workbench, longitudinal cross-section guides, main saws, scribe saws, drives and more. The structure and working principle are similar to those of ordinary circular sawing machines, and can be used alone as a common circular sawing machine. This technology makes sawing wood fast and precise.
2. The main saw section
3. Slot saw part
4. Lateral guide baffle
5. Fixed workbench
6. Sliding push table
7. Oblique saw guide
8. bracket
9. Oblique saw angle display devicev 10. Side guide baffle
(1) The operation is light and labor-saving, the stroke is large, and the cutting is large;
(2) Attached to the stable and lightweight trailer, running smoothly;
(3) The setting of the mobile workbench and the main saw blade can be adjusted by 45 degrees, which expands the sawing machine.
Operating characteristics
Woodworking is dynamically balanced or statically balanced. In general, it does not require a foundation and can be added on a flat surface. During the machining operation, the workpiece is placed on the moving table, and the moving table is manually pushed to enable the workpiece to achieve the feed motion. It is very convenient to operate, flexible and flexible. It should always pay attention to safety and prevent accidents.
1. According to the workload, the machine should be regularly dust-removed to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor.
2. Regularly dedust the pusher track to ensure smooth running of the push table.
3. Check the belt regularly and find that the wear and tear should be replaced in time.
4. Regularly fill the lubricating parts of the fuselage to ensure the stability and quietness of the equipment.
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