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  • 3 Inch Buffing Machine

    Great tool for hobby use! Silence and maintain less induction motor Grinding wheel&Wool wheel Multy function flexible shaft available Kits box available CSA Certification CE Certification

  • 8 Inch Automatic Buffing Machine

    LOW SPEED MODEL Powerful induction motor Long shaft design Include Spiral sewn buffing wheel and Soft buffing wheel For buffing and polishing all types of materials: wood, plastic, glass, steel,...

  • 10 Inch Automatic Buffing Machine

    TDS-250BG Single speed TDS-250BGH Two speed Heavy duty Powerful induction motor Long shaft design Two speed for multiapplication application(TDS-250BGH) CE Certification For buffing and polishing...

  • 6 inch Bench Grinder Sander

    1、HBGL650A Quick wheel guard release system Coolant tray Streamlined Double shield motor Low surface temperature Flexiable light CE Certification 2、RBGS625 Coolant tray Streamlined Double shield...

  • 8 inch Bench Grinder Sander

    1、TLGS825 Two sanding position (horizontal&vertical) Coolant tray Flexiable light (LED available) Quick belt release and easy tracking CSA Certification

  • Enclosed Induction Motor

    Enclosed induction motor Belt fast tracking Cast Al work rest with miter gauge NVR switch CE Certification CSA Certification

  • 8 Inch Belt Disc Sander

    Heavy duty Powerful induction motor Cast iron belt frame Cast iron work rest with miter gauge CSA Certification

  • 4x6 Inch Belt Disc Sander

    Equipment with a heavy base Sanding belt tracking Quick sanding belt release Angle adjustable work table (Can be use for both sanding disc and belt) UL Certification CE Certification Sanding belt...

  • 4x8 Inch Belt Disc Sander

    Sanding belt and disc were directly drived by motor shaft, no belt , no gears. Maintenance -free Total enclosed motor Cast Al work table for sanding belt Heavy duty cast iron base Automatic dust...

  • 6x9 Inch Belt Disc Sander

    Powerful induction motor Cast Al work rest with miter gauge Rigid steel base strong , light weight Optional stand CSA Certification CE Certification

  • 16 inch Scroll Saw

    1, SSA16LV、SSA16LVR: Multifunction SSA16LVR( With PTO) Flexible lamp PTO shaft Cast iron base ,low vibration 405mm cutting capacity Variable speed control for cutting wood and plastic In-build...

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