The Principle Of Ultra Precise Double-sided Polishing

- Apr 17, 2017 -

Ultra precise double-sided polishing process applied chemical mechanical Polishing (CNRN) technology, relying on the workpiece, the mechanical action of abrasive, polishing liquid and parabolic disc, in the process of polishing workpiece, produces local high temperature and high pressure, so that direct physical and chemical changes occur between workpiece and abrasive, polishing liquid and parabolic disc, causing the surface of the workpiece to produce physicochemical changes of reactants. Because of the overlapping of mechanical action and chemical action, the surface of the workpiece is continuously worn, thus smoothing the surface of the workpiece [[2]. The double-sided polishing technology is developed on the basis of single-sided polishing processing technology, because it can effectively avoid the deformation problems caused by stress difference and bonding error in the machining process of thin slice workpiece. Therefore, compared with one-sided polishing machining, double-sided polishing has the advantages of high machining efficiency, small surface deformation and easy to obtain ultra smooth machining surfaces.

  • WA Grinding Wheel Stone Grinder
  • Two Stage Dust Collector
  • Durable Low Maintenance Fume
  • wood drill machine
  • electric floor sander
  • 150mm Bench Grinder with Brush

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