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The Method Of Finishing The Grinding Wheel Of Shaving Machine On The Plane Polishing Machine
Apr 17, 2017

Plane polishing machine in modern industry, the use is very large, and for polishing machine, it is used in the grinding wheel naturally become a kind of natural consumption that cannot be lacking in the use of polishing machine, however, such consumables if the use of a long time will occur naturally occurring or not evenly sticky sand, this will bring a lot of inconvenience to work, such as the decline in efficiency, energy consumption and so on, so for the plane polishing machine on the shaving machine, It is necessary to make regular dressing grinding wheels, and in general, the method of dressing grinding wheels has the following two kinds: firstly, the grinding wheel is corrected by shaving machine. Shaving machine with metal cutting wheels, a variety of grinding discs placed in grinding equipment, the opening of the shaving machine, metal cutting wheels will automatically polish the grinding disc, and rectify its flatness to the target value. This is at present, the simplest, most commonly used, is also the best way to amend the effect. Second, the use of spray gun evenly to the non-woven carpet, but the use of this method is the most difficult to guarantee uniformity, and abrasive spray nozzle also has a large degree of wear, so the general situation of its grinding wheel dressing methods will be selected first.