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The Accuracy Of Plane Polishing Is Determined By The Plane Precision And The Retention Of The Precision Of The Parabolic Disc
Apr 17, 2017

The accuracy of plane polishing is determined by the plane precision and the retention of the precision. Therefore, in order to obtain high-precision machining plane, the polishing disc of high precision plane must be used. When polishing a planar machining piece with a small, high-precision area, the polishing disc with elastic deformation is smaller and the flatness is always maintained. Therefore, on the plane parabolic disc coated with a layer of elastic or soft metal materials or use special glass as a parabolic disc, can obtain high-precision surface quality. When the workpiece material is soft, such as optical glass, sometimes can use soft polishing disc (such as paraffin wax disk and asphalt disk) or semi soft polishing disc (such as lead plate and tin plate) to obtain high-precision smooth and non-damaged surfaces. The use of soft polishing disc, polishing the workpiece surface has the surface roughness and said metamorphic layer is very small advantages, but there is not easy to save the workpiece flatness of the shortcomings, the workpiece surface impact.