Mirror Polishing Process

- Apr 17, 2017 -

First, grinding process: The purpose of grinding is to obtain a smooth surface mill. At this time, there are very fine and uniform grinding marks on the mill. Grinding is divided into coarse grinding and grinding two kinds. 1. Coarse grinding is the modification of rough surfaces and irregular shape. 2. Fine grinding after coarse grinding of the surface of the metal has a deep grinding, need to be eliminated in fine grinding, for polishing preparation. Second, mirror polishing process: polishing process is to obtain the surface of light-like mirror processing. Most use polishing wheels to repeatedly polished parts of the surface of the very slight uneven, universal coating surface modification. Polishing is the final-way process on the surface of the coating or part, the purpose of which is to eliminate the slight grinding traces remaining on the surface after finishing. The ideal polishing surface should be flat, bright, no Trace, heaven relief, no pit, no metal disturbing layer of the surface of the mirror-like state. After grinding and polishing the mill changes.

  • WA Grinding Wheel Stone Grinder
  • Enclosed Induction Motor
  • 18 inch Scroll Saw
  • portable dust collector
  • Industrial Level Cut Off machine
  • 12 Inch Disc Brake System Disc Sander

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