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Grinding And Polishing Process Of Aluminium Profiles By Plane Grinder
Apr 17, 2017

Coarse grinding: First look at the roughness you want to polish the workpiece surface, if it is very rough recommended you first use the synthetic iron plate plus 15U coarse grinding fluid. Fine grinding: Coarse grinding of the workpiece leaves a deeper texture, to use synthetic copper disc and 2-3u refined grinding fluid to repair roughness. Fine toss: With the synthetic tin plate to the fine grinding grain after the more precise polishing, the selection of alumina polishing liquid, polishing liquid is very important. Polishing: The polishing of the plane grinding machine is the best process, and is also very important, as long as there is a little effect, all of the preceding are white. Cleaning: Very important, before you do each process must clean the workpiece to be used, including grinding machine, grinding disc, polishing aluminum, hands and so on. Grinding fluid: aluminum polishing into a mirror to the grinding fluid is also very fastidious, pay attention to the selection of suitable grinding fluid, polishing liquid is the key to the whole process, you ask someone else's aluminum polishing liquid, are there, but can be thrown into the mirror is rare, the general polishing liquid not, thrown out of the product will be black, foggy, do not reach the desired effect. Shenzhen Hyde grinding production of aluminum alloy finishing fluids, aluminum alloy polishing liquid suitable for the profiles, polishing, no orange peel, hemp point, scratch phenomenon!