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Effect Of Polishing Liquid On Surface Quality Of Workpiece After Polishing
Apr 17, 2017

The performance of the polishing liquid directly affects the surface quality of the workpiece after polishing, is one of the key elements in the polishing machining. The polishing fluid generally comprises a superfine solid abrasive particle such as nano-A120: and Si0: Abrasive grains, surfactants, as well as oxidant and stabilizer, in which the solid abrasive grains produce cutting effect, remove the chemical change that takes place, the oxidant produces chemical corrosion dissolution, dissolve the chip. In the polishing process, the type, shape, size, concentration, chemical composition, ph value, viscosity, velocity and flow of abrasive particles in the polishing solution will affect the removal speed. When polishing the workpiece of different materials, the composition of the polishing solution and the ph value are different. The ph value affects the surface quality and the removal rate of the workpiece in terms of the decomposition and solubility of the abrasive, the etching of the parabolic surface and the formation of oxide film, the suspension degree (colloid stability), so the ph value of the polishing solution is strictly controlled.