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Effect Of Abrasive On Plane Polishing
Apr 17, 2017

The effect of abrasive in the process of plane polishing is to remove the wafer table and the passivation film formed after the chemical reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of flattening the table. Recently used abrasives have colloid SiO2, Al2O3 and CeO2 and so on. The type of abrasive determines the hardness and size of the grinding grains, thus affecting the polishing effect. In polishing aluminium experiments, relative to SiO2, Al2O3 abrasive can get better table and flatness, table and scratch, small size, the reason is that the colloid SiO2 abrasive size small, polishing abrasive embedded wafer surface depth of small, and in the case of optimizing other parameters, can also obtain high polishing efficiency. The concentration of abrasive will affect the polishing effect. In the polishing aluminum experiment, with the improvement of the abrasive (colloid SiO2) concentration, the unit and the accumulation of grinding grains involved in the grinding of the number of days increase, so the polishing efficiency increases, the table and scratches the size of slowly increase or basic remain unchanged; But the abrasive concentration is exceptional, the viscosity of the polishing liquid is increased, the fluidity decreases, the effect of the oxidation layer is formed, and the polishing efficiency decreases. The size of the abrasive grains will also affect the polishing effect, the smaller the size of the abrasive grains, the thickness of the damage layer is small.