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Commonly Used Die-casting Aluminium Alloys
Apr 17, 2017

One is al-Si alloys, which mainly contain YL102 (ADC1, A413.0, YL104 (ADC3, A360), and aluminum-silicon copper alloys, mainly including YL112 (A380, ADC10), YL113 (A383, ADC12), YL117 (B390, ADC14), and three are al-Mg alloys, consisting mainly of 302 (5180, ADC5, ADC6). Al-Si alloys, al-Si-cu alloys: for al-Si alloys, aluminum-silicon copper alloys, as the name implies, the composition of the aluminum, the silicon and copper are the main components; Usually, the silicon content is between 6-12, mainly to improve the fluidity of the alloy liquid; Copper content is only the second, mainly to enhance the strength and tensile force of the role; Iron content is usually between 0.7-1, within this ratio, the work of the workpiece demoulding is the best; it can be seen by its composition, that such alloys are not oxidized to color, Even if the use of silicon dioxide oxidation, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Al-Si alloy or high copper content of aluminum alloy, the oxide film is harder to build, and the resulting film is dark, gray hair, luster is not good.