Can Die-casting Aluminium Alloys Be Anodized?

- Apr 17, 2017 -

The limitation of anodic oxidation of sulfuric acid on aluminum alloy material: 1, the presence of alloying elements will reduce the quality of oxide film, the same conditions, in the pure aluminum to obtain the most thick oxide film, the highest hardness, the best corrosion resistance, uniformity of the best. Aluminum alloy material, to obtain good oxidation effect, to ensure the content of aluminum, usually in the case of not less than 95%. 2, in the alloy, copper will make the oxidation film red, destroy the electrolyte quality, increase oxidation defects; silica will make the oxide film ash, especially when the content exceeds 4.5%, the effect is more obvious; Iron due to its own characteristics, in the anodic oxidation will be in the form of black spots.

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