Aluminum Anodizing Solution For Die-casting

- Apr 17, 2017 -

Die castings can complete the forging pieces, car parts/CNC pieces of the structure, angular line, oxidation quality, the center of gravity of the quality of die-casting is very important, a small change, details of the process of support control determines the quality of the anode. Engaged in the production of die-casting oxidation manufacturers, must be scientifically controlled mold flow channel technology, die-casting process and post-processing methods, with this series of strict control process, can ensure the quality of the smooth production of oxidation. Design of mould runner, gate the control of mould temperature; Because of the large amount of aluminum raw materials, poor liquidity, high working temperature characteristics, so the mold Flow road, gate to the design of the short range of the guidelines to open; It is advisable to use the mould temperature machine to ensure the equilibrium temperature of the mold, overcome the local cold, excessive flow marks the use of raw materials, to avoid pollution factors; Select low-content raw materials; When production is used, the pollution of silicon, copper, iron and zinc is eliminated, which is necessary to use the high-quality graphite crucible separately, and the production of other raw materials can not be mixed.

  • WA Grinding Wheel Stone Grinder
  • 6 inch Bench Grinder Sander
  • 4x6 Inch Belt Disc Sander
  • 6x9 Inch Belt Disc Sander
  • 80L Concrete Mixter
  • Industrial Bench Grinder

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