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Metal Grinding Polishing

Metal Grinding Polishing is a kind of polishing machine. It is used for surface polishing of metal materials. According to the shape of the material, it is divided into: coil polishing machine, sheet polishing machine, non-standard shape polishing machine, and metal tube outer polishing machine. , metal tube polishing machine.
The metal polishing machine belongs to the series of metal coils and sheet metal polishing.
Equipment use: The surface of the metal coil is polished to achieve the effect of the BA surface or the 6K surface.
Metal Grinding Polishing is an efficient grinding device for deburring, rusting, rounding and bright polishing of metallic and non-metallic parts. The machine avoids the traditional multi-steps of shelling, pickling, rinsing, ashing, drying, etc., shortens the production cycle and significantly improves the production efficiency. It is another convenient tool for our company.
The rubber lining is covered in the barrel, which is resistant to acid and alkali, wear-resistant, and can prevent workpiece collision. It is suitable for copper, iron, thin-walled parts, stainless steel parts, etc.
There is no lining in the barrel, which is suitable for steel balls, steel products and other non-deformable materials, which can enhance the cutting force and promote greater effect.
For the grinding machine series, the simplest and most convenient model is suitable for processing.
According to its capacity, it can be divided into 100~1000L specifications, which can be customized according to requirements.
ALLWIN is one of world's leading industrial metal grinding polishing products manufacturers and suppliers in China. Advanced technology, experienced experts and strict quality control and management system are our main advantages. It only provides professional metal grinding polishing products that absolutely meet your needs.
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