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Buffing Machine

  • 3 Inch Buffing Machine

    Great tool for hobby use! Silence and maintain less induction motor Grinding wheel&Wool wheel Multy function flexible shaft available Kits box available CSA Certification CE Certification

  • 8 Inch Automatic Buffing Machine

    LOW SPEED MODEL Powerful induction motor Long shaft design Include Spiral sewn buffing wheel and Soft buffing wheel For buffing and polishing all types of materials: wood, plastic, glass, steel,...

  • 10 Inch Automatic Buffing Machine

    TDS-250BG Single speed TDS-250BGH Two speed Heavy duty Powerful induction motor Long shaft design Two speed for multiapplication application(TDS-250BGH) CE Certification For buffing and polishing...

  • 6 Inch Automatic Buffing Machine

    ​6 The key to Inch Automatic Buffing Machine throwing is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damage layer from the polishing as quickly as possible.
    At the same...