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Variable Speed Grinder With Work Lamp
Variable Speed Grinder With Work Lamp1. Variable speed control offering you convenience and versatility in your grinding, sharpening, buffing and polishing operations . VS grinder can meets your require of different sharpen speed ! 2. Sharpen shape or grind wide variety of materials with the variable speed range of 2000 to 3400 RPM...


It  provides you facility and versatility when you grind , sharpen, buff and polish materials. Besides, it  can satisfy  demands of different sharpening speed no matter how fast is required within the limits.

* It can be designed to detary shape or grind wide variety of materials with the variable speed range of 2000 to 3400 RPM. That one speed is fine for general grinding tasks, but for certain jobs, such as grinding out a nick in the edge on a bench chisel, a delicate touch and slow speed are required to avoid overheating the thin edge of tool steel.

* Cast  iron base for additional stability  enables to reduce vibration during operation

* Together with groove, adjustable die cast aluminum tool in order to easy drill bit sharpening 

* Water tray is in favor of keeping workplace cool while grinding in that case it will lead to consistently working long hours, which can turn to raise working efficiency.

* Also, it is equipped with safety switch to turn on/off the machine.

* An industrial lamp is allowed to install that the dark light won't stop the processing progress and it can enhance the accuracy and certification of the product.image.png


Model number


Wheel size(mm)200*25*15.88

Motor speed(RPM)

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