200mm Bench Grinder With Magnifier

200mm Bench Grinder With Magnifier

From deburring ragged edges to cleaning objects to sharpening blades, the ALLWIN 8-inch Bench Grinder is the ideal companion for motor hobby to professionals.The 8inch bench grinder have grinding wheel ; Equipped with adjustable work rest and safety glass. This package includes two 200mm...

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Product Details


--Auto Inbuild twin light  

--3 times magnifier         

--In-built coolant tray       

--Streamlined double shield motor with low surface temperature

--Cast-iron tool rests give you the proper angles for sharpening or polishing specific pieces.

--The grinder is used for metal fabrication and tool sharpening, and then for deburring, weld cleaning and polishing to prep materials for finishing.

--It allows us to control the grinding angle and amount.

--CE Certification  

--UL Certification 



Model numberRBG825A
Wheel size200m*25mm*15.88mm

Motor speed


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