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Metal Cut Off Saw

Metal Cut Off Saw is a machine for straightening and cutting steel bars up to 14 mm in diameter. The cut length can be customized according to customer requirements. It is widely used in stainless steel wire, cold wire drawing, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, water drawing line, steel bar and so on.
Metal Cut Off Saw has the characteristics of fast speed, small error, no running wire, reasonable structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, etc. It can be widely used in various fields of hardware products, handicrafts and daily necessities. Such as: pet cage, chicken cage, air conditioning net cover, bicycle basket, spoke, umbrella stand, bird cage, refrigerator shelf, wire mesh basket, construction wire, wire mesh screen, etc.
Working principle
The motor is driven by the belt to increase the speed, so that the straightening cylinder rotates at a high speed, the reinforcing steel passing through the straightening cylinder is straightened, and the scale of the steel surface is removed by the straightening mold. The motor passes through another pair of reduction belt drive and gear reduction box. On the one hand, it drives two conveying pressure rollers, and the traction steel rod moves forward, and on the other hand drives the crank wheel to move the hammer head up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to the predetermined length, the hammer hammer hits the tool holder and cuts the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving frame, the knife table returns to the original position due to the spring action, completing a cycle.
ALLWIN has been specialized in manufacturing industrial metal cut off saw products since 1995. We are now known as one of the world's leading and professional metal cut off saw products manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please be free to buy the quality products from our factory.
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