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Metal Cutting

The interaction between the tool and the workpiece during the metal cutting process and the respective changes are a discipline. In the design of machine tools and tools, the development of cutting processes and their quotas for machine parts, the rational use of tools and machine tools, and the control of cutting processes, the use of metal cutting principles must be used to achieve economical, high-quality and high-efficiency machining of machine parts. the goal of. It includes two cutting states, continuous cutting and interrupted cutting.
Metal cutting is the process of cutting out excess material from a workpiece with a tool to obtain a desired part of shape, dimensional accuracy, and surface quality. To achieve this cutting process, there must be three conditions: the relative motion between the workpiece and the tool, ie the cutting motion; the tool material must have certain cutting performance; the tool must have appropriate geometric parameters, ie the cutting angle.
The metal cutting process is carried out by machine tools or hand tools. The main methods are turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, boring, gear machining, scribing, sawing, boring, scraping, grinding, reaming, Tapping threads, threading, etc. Although their forms are diverse, they have common phenomena and laws in many aspects. These phenomena and laws are the common basis for learning various cutting methods.
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