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The reasons for the phenomenon of pinhole and orange peel in polishing of workpiece on plane machine
Apr 17, 2017

The surface of the workpiece is irregular and rough surface is called the orange peel surface, this surface cause is due to the surface of the mold overheating phenomenon, the appearance of excessive polishing pressure and the excessive length of polishing, resulting in the workpiece surface polishing phenomenon, its processing time will vary according to the material of the workpiece. The surface quality of the workpiece appears, the most commonly used method is to exert pressure, increase the polishing time, this method often makes the workpiece surface quality deterioration. The most effective method used is to remove defective surfaces, which can be used to grind particles of coarse size first, and the pressure of polishing is much lower than the previous pressure. In the polishing money needs to use the finest sand number grinding to the most satisfactory effect, and then polishing, if the use of such a method can not achieve the best results, the hardness of the mold will need to improve.