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Influence of grinding pressure on machining of planar grinding machine
Apr 17, 2017

Ultra-precision flat and grinding is the most important method of ultra-precision machining, in the manufacturing industry occupies a very important position and has a broad market demand, optical mirrors, computer chips, volume and so on are used ultra precision flat and grinding out of processing. Ultra precise flat and grinding process, if the grinding process parameters are unreasonable configuration, such as grinding pressure, the choice of inappropriate milling hardness, abrasive size dispersion, etc., will affect the machining efficiency and quality of the workpiece. Grinding pressure is the main factor influencing the efficiency of grinding process, and the quality of machining is also influenced. Under the premise that other conditions are consistent, if the grinding pressure increases in a certain range, the workpiece surface abrasive scratches relatively deep, the table and the roughness will also become larger, but when the grinding pressure increases to a certain extent, the table and roughness no longer with the increase of pressure changes and polylactic wood remain unchanged.