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How to improve the surface finish of the workpiece
Apr 17, 2017

The smaller the particle size of the appropriate abrasive grains, the higher the surface roughness obtained. To further improve the surface finish, the use of the abrasive can be again selected, so that the size of the grinding grain uniformity and the number of basic particles ratio, can be improved. For the general grinding of sand, the smaller the number of grinding grains, the higher the surface finish. In order to improve the surface finish, the use of kerosene-soaked cotton will apply sand particles wipe, and then do a dry grinding, its processing capacity is 0.5~1 micron. When grinding the workpiece of soft material, the abrasive grains can easily embed the workpiece surface, so that the grind is deepened and the surface finish is destroyed. In order to obtain a high surface finish, the sand can be used to grind the grinding tool or the material soft research. Generally speaking, the surface finish is improved with the increase of the hardness of the workpiece material, so the improvement of the surface finish of hardened steel workpiece can be achieved by improving the hardening hardness.