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How the plane grinder is cemented carbide knife
Apr 17, 2017

In order to ensure that the alloy blade end plane has high grinding quality and grinding efficiency, the plane grinding machine is required to move the way and trajectory to meet the following requirements: (1) The blade side of the plane relative to the grinding disc movement direction should be constantly changing. In this way, grinding abrasive constantly in the new direction of cutting role, avoid the blade on the plane to create a duplicate trajectory to obtain a higher grinding table and quality. (2) The movement in the grinding process must make the blade leveled each point on the sliding distance relative to the grinding disc. In order to ensure that the blade on each point cut off the same allowance, to ensure that the grinding blade leveled and the flat and both sides of the parallel degrees. (3) Grinding motion and motion trajectory should be as far as possible to keep the geometry of the grinding disc precision for a long time unchanged. This ensures that the abrasion of each point on the grinding mill is homogeneous.