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Grinding and polishing technology of cemented carbide material by plane grinding machine
Apr 17, 2017

The grinding machining of cemented carbide material workpiece is the same as the grinding method of hardened steel parts, which is also divided into pre-processing, coarse grinding, semi-finishing and grinding, etc. However, because the hard alloy material is characterized by comparison of hard, so in precision grinding polishing machine selection of abrasives, it will be different, in which, the pre-grinding process is the use of green silicon carbide grinding wheel or boron carbide to process; coarse grinding, when the use of boron carbide made of grinding powder, semi-precision grinding and grinding of the use of diamond grinds to grind. Plane grinding machine to cemented carbide workpiece grinding before processing, the processing of many methods. For example, grinding, electrolytic grinding, abrasive rough grinding, and ultrasonic processing are able to achieve the effect of pre-processing, and more often used in grinding and using boron carbide abrasive grinding rough processing. Its production efficiency is low, so the bulk of production is often used in boron carbide grinding powder to rough grinding method.