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Effect of polishing trajectory on polishing performance
Apr 17, 2017

One, indefinite eccentric grinding trajectory, its uniformity is obviously better than the fixed eccentric trajectory, is conducive to the improvement of workpiece surface precision. Suitable for machining large-size workpieces with diameters larger than 200mm. This type is the grinding and polishing trajectory of the volume-producing mirror polishing machine. Two, fixed eccentric grinding trajectory of the workpiece material removal uniformity is poor, the closer to the workpiece center material removal rate lower. It is generally used only for small size workpieces that are not larger than 200mm in diameter. This is the high precision grinding and polishing machine. Third, the planetary plane grinding trajectory is most commonly used in double-sided grinding machine, when changing the speed of grinding disc and the ratio of solar speed, efficiency and material removal rate will change. Fourth, the use of straight-line grinding is not a parabolic disc, but with a flexible belt, the workpiece is a simple rotary movement. This is also the trajectory of the cutter of the finishing mechanism of the plane grinding polishing machine. This kind of movement form is simple, such as the grinding belt lengthened can form the mass production, the productive efficiency is high. Fifth, swing-type grinding trajectory than the fixed eccentric double-axis or linear grinding more evenly. The trajectory of the machining surface Center presents several trends, is the workpiece processing surface Center has a concave phenomenon.