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Effect of oxidant (H2O2) on the machining effect of plane polishing
Apr 17, 2017

In the polishing process of metallic materials, in order to be able to quickly in the processing table to form a layer of soft and brittle oxide film, easy to follow the mechanical removal, thereby improving the polishing efficiency and table and smoothness, usually in the polishing liquid to add one or more oxidant. The type of oxidant will affect the polishing effect. The most commonly used oxidants are H2O2, Fe (N03) 3 and their mixtures when polishing tungsten metal. H2O2 oxidation is weaker, the oxidation reaction only occurs in the tungsten table and the edge of particles, only when the oxidation products dissolved, the residual hardness of the human part can be exposed to participate in the next oxidation reaction; Fe (N03) 3 has strong oxidation, can quickly form a tungsten meter, the hardness of small, brittle and easy to remove the oxidation layer, thus improving the polishing efficiency and table quality; when H2O2 and Fe (N03) 3 mixtures occur the F en ti>n reaction, the oxidation of more oxygen peroxide free radicals, the formation of the oxidation layer is further accelerated, so compared to Fe (N03) 3 polishing efficiency to improve people about one times.