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Garden Tool

Garden Tool includes Electric Garden Shredder, portable concrete mixter and so on. Take the portable concrete mixter as an example.
The portable concrete mixer includes a power mechanism connected to the transmission mechanism through the shaft and a roller driven by the transmission mechanism. The roller cylinder is provided with a ring gear disposed around the drum cylinder, and the gear shaft is provided with a gear meshing with the ring gear.
The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, and the gear and the ring gear are meshed, which can effectively overcome the slip phenomenon between the roller and the mixer drum in the rain and fog weather; the adopted transmission mechanism can further ensure the elimination between the roller and the mixer roller The phenomenon of slipping.
Make the components homogeneously macroscopically and microscopically;
Destroy the phenomenon of cement particle agglomeration and promote the development of dispersion phenomenon;
An initial hydrate film wrap that destroys the surface of the cement particles;
Promote collision friction between material particles and reduce the influence of dust film;
Increasing the number of times each unit of the mixing material participates in the movement and the crossover frequency of the motion trajectory, and accelerate the homogenization.
1 . Maintain the body's cleanliness and remove dirt and obstructions from the body.
2 . Check the oil and circuit and control equipment at each lubrication location and fill the lubricant as required.
3 . Before each shift, add water to the mixing drum for 1 to 2 minutes, and check the reliability of the clutch and brake device.
4 . During the operation of the concrete mixer, the noise of the motor, reducer and transmission gear should be checked at any time, and the temperature rise is too high.
5 . After the end of each shift, the concrete mixer should be carefully cleaned.
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